Does your computer get in the way of your learning?

Why Flash-Free Online Training Is The Best Course To Take

Online training is a convenient way to learn, but like any form of study, it involves application and hard work. So when you sign up for an online course, the last thing you want is for your training software to be hard work as well.

Laptop and iPad

Our Flash Free Food Safety Training works on most computers and iPads WITHOUT any setup or downloads

You have every right to expect it to be fast, easy to use and problem-free, but the trouble with a lot of today’s online training is that it’s not. The standard platform used is Adobe Flash and, while this has some great features, it also has some inherent problems.

Critics point to its bandwidth and speed limitations, restricted usability and unfriendliness to search engines when employed on websites, but the biggest problem with Flash in relation to online training is that you  have to be tech-savvy to use it.

Downloading software, setting up your computer to handle pop-ups and so on is more than many people know how or care to do. They just want to start the damn thing up and get on with it.

Also, if you’re doing your training through work and you’re using an older computer, it’s quite likely to experience problems with Flash and may crash at the drop of a hat.

Another drawback is that Apple refuses to allow Flash on their iPhones or iPads. Steve Jobs wrote a public letter in 2010 in which he criticised Flash for having major technical drawbacks, no support for touch-based devices and basically no relevance in the modern mobile era.

What this means for you is that, if you own an iPad (and let’s face it, LOTS of people do), there’s no chance of studying on the train or bus or at the park in your lunch hour. If your online training provider uses Flash, you can either buy a tablet other than an iPad or be tied to a PC at all times when studying. Not ideal.

So what’s the answer? We believe it’s good old HTML and Javascript. They’re clean, fast, fault-free and work on almost every kind of device.

CFT International’s new online Food Safety courses are all proudly Flash-Free and promise fast, easy accessibility from anywhere, with no downloads or system set-ups required.

In the case of online training, it seems the KISS Principle is definitely the best course to take. Flash-Free training means no restrictions to certain browsers, certain types of software or particular download speeds.

We have also managed to put all of the required Assessment into the online training. Once you have passed all of the online assessments, your certificate will be available for download immediately.

It’s the fast, simple, uncluttered way to learn online and you can find out more at