Are you a temporary or mobile business owner?

Owners of temporary and mobile food businesses in Victoria can now notify council online using Streatrader. Food businesses and community groups that sell food from a temporary site, such as a stall, van, trailer, community hall or vending machine legally operate a temporary or mobile food premises in Victoria must: •    register or notify your temporary and mobile food premises with one council in order to operate anywhere in Victoria •    lodge a statement of trade (SOT) to let all relevant councils know where and when you will be trading in their districts. •    You can use Streatrader to: •    find out whether you need to register or notify your van, stall, vending machines or water transport vehicle and what you need to pay (if anything) •    work out your food premises class and find out what you need to do (there are four classes of food premises: class 1 deals with the highest risk food and class 4 the lowest) •    find out which council is your principal council (and your main Food Act contact) •    register with or notify one council to operate anywhere in Victoria •    submit your statement of trade to each council in whose district you will be trading and give a copy to your principal council •    renew your food premises registration online and get reminder notices via email. You can now do this online


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