Waste less food, save money and our environment

Love food hate waste


Love Food Hate Waste is raising awareness about the food we waste and the impact it has on our environment.


Food waste affects our environment in many ways – did you know scraping your leftovers into the bin contributes directly to climate change?



Farming practices – clearing, cultivating, irrigating, grazing, spraying, fertilising and cropping – can impact our environment. Combined with the introduction of pests and weeds, soil loss and dryland salinity, traditional farming practices have changed our landscapes over last the 150 years.


The food system represents a great part of our environmental footprint. If current trends in our population and consumption patterns continue, the world will need to produce about twice as much food by 2050, in a changing climate, with higher prices for energy, water and fertilisers.


We can all reduce our environmental impact by changing our actions towards food production and food waste. When you grow your own vegetables, buy local produce, certified organic products and support sustainable farming, you increase demand for sustainable produce and contribute positively to our environment.





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