Salmonella and misinformation?

More reason to make sure people understand how to prevent food poisoning

Plasmids and Other Promiscuous Things

Every now and then we hear news of potential outbreaks of Salmonella linked to food products. If you have followed the news you will note a recent outbreak linked to raw chicken (an excellent article by Maryn McKenna is here). Many people, including myself, read these articles and then read comments posted below the articles. Comments are great because it connects the public with the author and allows for free discussion. However, I was amazed at the misinformation that is also spread via these forums. I thought it would be worthwhile to revisit Salmonella basics related to 1) cooking and 2) antimicrobial resistance.

1) Cooking. Salmonella are basically E. coli that have evolved to acquire the ability to become intracellular pathogens and cause both diarrhea and systemic disease. However, the basic cellular components between these bacteria are still the same. They are both Gram-negative bacterial cells that do…

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