Well done on Food Safety inspections and audits


From October 2013 to December 2013, the NSW Food authority conducted 282 audits of licensed hospitals and aged care businesses. this


industry sector has maintained their high compliance rates with 98% of businesses recording an acceptable audit.


282 audits of licensed hospitals and aged care businesses



Change to NSW FSS notification requirements

Retail food service businesses arerequired to train someone who works in
their business as a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). Food laws in NSW require certain
food businesses in the hospitality and retail sector to train and appoint a FSS.
As of 3 January 2014 businesses were no longer required to notify the NSW Food Authority or their local council of their Fss details including the need to notify of a Fss’s change of details.Image

Effective food safety training

Our food safety workshops are highly interactive using a variety of visual, oral, audio, role play, demonstrations and practical activities  to keep all participants interested, motivated and focused enhancing their enjoyment and increasing their ability to remember and understand.

We fully understand and adhere to the principles that you only remember:-

* 20% of what you hear
* 30% of what your see
* 50% of what you hear and see
* 70% of what you hear, see and say
* 90% of what you hear, see, say & DO !

Our training workshops spend more time

‘doing’ and less time ‘listening’