Updated food safety training

Compulsory training for both the Hospitality and Community and Health services unit codes have changed, so if you are planning to do your food safety training make sure you enroll into the current codes not the superseded ones.

Current codes are:

Community and Health services – for childcare, aged care, hospitals, meals on wheels

Course Code            Title

HLTFSE001             Follow basic food safety practices – Level 1 for all staff

HLTFSE005             Apply and monitor food safety requirements

HLTFSE007             Oversee the day-to-day implementation of food safety in the workplace

Food safety supervisors need all 3 units


Hospitality and Retail – Restaurants, cafés hotels, school canteens, take away shops etc.

Course Code            Title

SITXFSA001             Use hygienic practices for food safety – Level 1 for all staff

SITXFSA002 Participate in safe food handling practices

Food safety supervisors need both units.

call us on 1300 665 633 or visit http://www.cft.com.au if you need additional information


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