Food safety NSW re-accreditation $115.00

Your NSW Food Authority  Food Safety Supervisor certificate will need to be re-certified every 5 years

Food Safety Supervisor certificates expire five years from the date of issue, with the first round due to expire from the 1st of September 2015.

Should your Food Safety Supervisor certificate be close to expiring and you wish to continue to be the Food Safety Supervisor for a hospitality or retail food business, you will need to undertake recertification training with a Registered Training Organisation (such as Training Online Food Safety ) approved under the Food Safety Supervisor Program.

Food businesses have 30 working days from the date printed on the certificate to ensure their appointed Food Safety Supervisor renews their training and obtains a new FSS certificate.

This new certification will include training in three key focus areas – cleaning and sanitising, safe egg handling and allergen management.

You will need to provide us with a copy of the NSW Food Authority Certificate that you currently hold.

The FSS recertification training ensures an individual has knowledge of food safety requirements, the skills to manage food safety risks in the workplace, and can meet the essential units of competency. The training cycle of five years supports a highly skilled and compliant hospitality and retail food sector in NSW.

go to and begin your training at anytime.


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